• Herbs and Seeds
    Herbs and Seeds
  • Selection of sites with good soil for agriculture with standard specifications
    determined experts in the field of agriculture and after consultation with experts and analysis of soil in specialized laboratories
  • Shipping
    We have a logistic team to handle our products until arrive to our customers , sea, air and land freight
  • Citrus

Who we are

Our Vision

We are forthright, direct and honest ,We set achievable goals and achieve them We respect others time Maximize the benefit for all , grow into a sustainable agricultural and food products provider and partner , Building trust.

Our mission

Stemming from our belief in human value, we strive to develop calibers' abilities to uphold the finer values of society, protect environmental sustainability, and achieve economic prosperity. - Our professionalism generates best products and services.

Our Value

Respect and value for local knowledge and innovations Value for the environment and ecosystems Professional, effective and informed by relevant science Creative, flexible and innovative Sensitive to gender Quality, equality and ethics Passion


We share a passion for delivering customer value. We are proud of our heritage and our success. From our leading position in dairy farming, we expand our business with passion. This passion distinguishes us from other companies

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